Town of Westwood Massachusetts Council on Aging (COA) Senior Center

  • June 2010 began tracking monthly energy and water use and costs
  • Help Director to forecast and budget fiscal year energy bills
  • Spring/summer 2012 identified severe increase in energy use and currently investigating cause: abnormal energy increase
  • Summer 2012 completed NSTAR fluorescent lighting upgrade
  • Currently researching solar PV installation for several buildings

    "Mike assists Town of Westwood by auditing energy and water usage, clearly saving COA money. Mike supervised the NSTAR lighting project and makes useful project recommendations that increase building energy efficiency." Pat Larkin, Director COA

    Private client

    one year financial performance
  • November 2011 began tracking monthly energy and water use and costs and identified below-average building energy efficiency
  • Identified faulty water sprinkler system that wasted over $2000 in water during summer 2011. Sprinkler was repaired before summer 2012.
  • Suggested projects to make building more efficient including solar PV array and window replacement. Currently investigating solar array power project agreement.
  • Installed new central AC, weatherized exterior doors, and completed other projects.
  • In one year saved more than $6700 in energy and water costs, and building efficiency increased by 10%!
  • Sustainable living projects

  • Run environmental eco-teams-- Team members calculate carbon footprint for their residence and select actions they will do for one year to reduce footprint by 10%, 20% or more.
  • Took advantage of federal and state initiatives at home--I replaced oil heater with Lennox SLP98V 98% efficient system and received maximum Federal tax credit, Mass Save $400 rebate, Lennox $300 manufacturer rebate, and 0% interest heat loan. Refrigerator purchase took advantage of Mass Save and Mass DOER rebates worth $400.